How Young Living Essential Oils saved Laura’s life from a serious accident and prevented and eliminated all pain. Laura Legere tells about her miraculous recovery and amazing inspirational story. It’s Not Weird Anymore: An Extraordinary True Tale” is an entertaining educational adventurous self-help resource guide to spiritual and health wisdom, conspiracy, sacred sex and a Match dot com relationship.

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       Two days before the accident

   Two days After the accident


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The video clip above shows Laura after her second surgery  2 1/2  years after her accident of removing  9 screws and 2 plates around her right eye, re-breaking her nose to remove the crashed bone at the bridge, straightening her septum and attaching her right cheek skin. Her face is still swollen in the video and the oils continued to remedy that.

Here is Laura 4 1/2 years after her accident.



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Laura broke her right orbital bone, nose, cheek bones and upper palate  in half.   She looked much worse initially as her nose was half off and by the time this picture was taken the eye, ear, nose and throat doctor had sewed her nose back on. She was much more swollen before this picture, but Julie Chertow continuously applied the oils and reduced the swelling by 80% as well as significantly reduced the black and blue bruising. The six hour surgery that followed, consisted of placing  34 screws and seven steel plates to repair her face.

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